Travel insurance for people with heart problems

Found 15th Jun
My Mums travelling to USA and has recently been diagnosed with an ectopic heartbeat. Single trip policies are coming up at between £150-£200. Does anyone have any recommendations for any other cheaper policies? Or any experience with travel insurance for people with heart problems?

Thanks in advance!
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That sounds reasonable, is that covering the illness too or does it omit treatment arising from the illness?
There was something about Travel Insurance on the Martin Lewis TV program earlier this week.
He mentioned some companies. I can't remember their names though.
Check out the ITV Hub/Catch Up service.
Most cheaper insurances exclude pre existing conditions so if you want cover you will end up paying a lot for it.
Have you tried aviva they come up excellent in all the reviews I have read
That also sounds like a reasonable quote to me albeit it highly depends on the level of cover bought. I would suggest trying Avanti where we got insurance last yr for a relative with history of heart trouble. This year we got insurance from Insure&Go despite supposed ‘medical specialist’ insurers declining to offer quotes. Basically it is a lottery with a very wide range of pricing for comparable cover so resign yourself to having to make multiple phone calls to different insurers just to get a range of prices. Also make sure that, if a cruise is involved, this is highlighted and priced in by the insurer.
Forgot to add - once you have the insurance policy read it carefully to check whether there are specific US medical contacts named that your mother should contact/go to in the event of a medical emergency. Unlike other countries, for the US the insurer often has a contract with one or two medical providers only and you need to use their facilities only in order not to incur out of pocket costs (that knowing the US could be substantial). Hope that helps.
My wife has a heart condition. Thats a fair quote if its with a reputable insurer. You need cast iron insurance in the USA as no insurance=no treatment or treatment followed by a bill which may bankrupt you. Zzzgabors comment is also correct. I travel to the USA for work fairly often, a colleague had a stroke in Vegas and his treatment had to be at certain hospital, which actually wern't that great.
Try World First travel insurance or Columbus Direct, those are the ones i use and the quotes are very reasonable.
as others have said, that sounds quite cheap already as insurance policies covering the US tends to be expensive as medical costs over there are expensive.

a friend of my parents have a heart condition and when she got a travel policy it was around £700 and she was not visiting the US to cover her for a two weeks cruise around the med.
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