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Found 4th Mar
I usually visit London 3 or 4 times a year, sometimes for 7 days or more, but book Advance rates. As sometimes a week in London even in a Premier Inn can be £500 plus.

Anyone know of good travel insurance for UK holidays?
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All the main travel insurance companies do this go to one of the comparison sites or see if premier inn do a cancellation policy that you can pay a bit more for when booking you may find yourself being penalised if you don’t have a valid reason for cancelling or claim to many times on the policy
If you look on or similar many rooms can be cancelled last minute. I use it for work all the time when I'm not 100% sure where I'm going to be, but still want to get a semi decent rate.
What is the insurance for?
Hotel cancellation or something else?
Try a packaged bank account like nationwide
Hotel Cancellation.
karl10010023 m ago

Hotel Cancellation.

And is the fully flexible hotel price quite a bit more?
Sometimes yes. Can be up to £90 or more. For example

Premier Inn Kensington (Earls Court) Aug 4 for 7 nights Advance Rate £565 Flexible Rate £673
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jb6611 h, 29 m ago

Try a packaged bank account like nationwide

Check the terms and conditions though as not everything is always covered.

Some woman got stuck recently with a £50k bill for a hospital airlift from a cruise ship to Mexico as her bank insurance only covered Europe.…co/

Yes, I know, OP is looking for UK cover. Check the following if it helps any, it also mentions holidaying in the UK.…nce
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