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    Hi all,

    I look for a travel insurance for 14 days for a trip to the USA. Can anyone recommend me a good one. Of course, very important is that medical instances are covered. Furthermore, I have booked flights and hotels separately, so would be good if our trip is been canceled for some reason that the money for the hotels is refunded. And lastly, I will be hiring a car, so some cover in this area would also be good.

    Thanks for any recommendations, maybe I will check quidco is they have some good deals!


    Try this company .. I've used a couple of times

    had to make a claim and everything was 100%…you

    Original Poster

    Thanks, will consider it. I also came across a travel insurance from AA, for £28 and £39 including
    excess waiver. Anyone can recommend this, looks else pretty good to me.


    Have a go here to see if it suits you (sir ):

    As well as price and coverage, one other thing to note is who is underwriting the insurance. Some are notoriously difficult to claim from and use hurdles and delaying tactics before any payout. Check out review of underwriters to see if you are happy to proceed.
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