Travel Insurance goes up because existing condition is improving!

Found 1st Feb 2008
I have had travel insurance with the post office for 4 years now. I suffer from depression which was always covered with no extra cost. My renewal has just come through and I rang to renew but because one of the questions is has your medication changed in the last 3 months was a yes (- it has DECREASED twice over the last year) I had to go through for medical screening - they have now said that to cover the depression I have to pay another £60! How is this logical? Its never cost me before and it has always been on the policy but because I am getting better it is now going to cost to more to include it. Can anyone explain how this works?
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I bet you're even more depressed now..
No idea, but I'm surprised that your condition needs declaring as I can't see how it would affect a claim
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