Travel insurance - good sites to try?

    Need insurance for 4 adults and 2 children for Jamaica.

    Haven't a clue where to start or what to look for in terms of policy cover.

    Can anybody please recommend good places to try.

    Want as cheap as possible, I have Quidco account but would rather just pay less in the first place!

    Rep to be had - Thanks


    You need to move this to deal mum and dad used Asda for their insurance, then realised it was run by another company. They went to them direct and saved a fortune! Dunno who it was though, sorry.

    Find the best quote then see if the cheapest is on Quidco.

    Original Poster

    aah yes, please can a mod move this and my parking one to 'deal request' please?

    I tried American Express through Quidco, it was £25 for annual cover and £18 cashback via Quidco (got it cheaper because of not having different bits added and I have an EHIC card).

    Try here…ce/

    If you go away more than once a year, it is worth getting an annual policy.

    Enjoy your holiday

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    Best I have found was through (thanks Lizzy.P :thumbsup:) with Columbus Direct.

    Costs 47.00 altogether (had to do 2 people as a couple and then a 2 parent, 2 child family)

    15% Quidco too.

    Any better, please report!
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