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Found 17th Mar
Hi everyone
Just wanted some advice on buying some travel insurance. So i've booked a suprise trip for my parents to cambodia /vietnam as a present next month and just asked them to double check their travel insurance because theyre using their bank account travel insurance which i was weary about.

After a bit of checking they wont cover my parents because Mum has had a mild stroke a year and a bit ago.

I urgently need to book them some travel insurance and the trip is in 3 weeks.

Just a few details - both are over 60 and dad has diabeties, high BP and Mum has had a stroke but is fine to walk about etc. I think a few providers are funny with preexisting conditions.

We were going to go with staysure but theres a bad review on HUKD and the moneysupermarket search gives admiral platinum as a good deal.

I know insurers never wants to pay but would like one with decent customer service so if anyone can give some feedback it would be much appriciated!
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Just got insurance with Alpha travel, hubby and I have some medical problems, very reasonable and all done online.
Also just took out Alpha travel insurance, very cheap and I have various conditions.
Insure and Go are good.
Travel explorer
What about that "sure you can" website?
There's an article on for people with pre existing conditions that might help. Have a look at the list of articles in the link below.

And definitely a good idea that they check the terms and conditions of the insurance that comes with their bank as well. Your suspicions appear to be well founded.

Also, included in the Cheap Travel Insurance article there's a section on how to claim travel insurance if they need to and how to complain about your insurance provider if the insurer doesn't pay out, etc, and also includes a free tool if you're having a problem with this as well. The tool helps you draft a complaint if one arises.

The following might also help as well. Maybe consider bookmarking these links as well.…ver
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Most people have pre existing conditions. Even a bad back counts!
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STAY SURE was a good quote especially for the whole year and I have a lot of pre-existing medical condtions.
Iv gone with explorer insurance and covered myself for 2 weeks with high blood pressure and kidney disease declaration for £90 (but it went up due to adding cruise cover) so I didn't think their prices were too bad? I don't travel often to know but I know other places weren't insuring medical issues as cheaply they also have 17% Top cashback. this covered 2 people
Has anyone had to claim and had any experiences of any of the above companies?
dasachmo11 h, 46 m ago

Has anyone had to claim and had any experiences of any of the above …Has anyone had to claim and had any experiences of any of the above companies?

See my post above, it might help with your query.
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