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    Anyone used Axa Travel Insurance Through Ryanair?

    Last minute choice as my dad thought his bank covered his travel but didn't and lost his phone but can't see if there is a section to cover this!

    Any help would be much appreciated!


    AXA are pretty stringent on T&Cs so make sure any policy you buy from them suits your needs.

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    thanks for the info, he has said he has looked through it and can't see a section for personal belongings etc which I find odd!

    i had insurance through ensleigh on behalf of axa and when i needed to claim on holiday there was no problems at all

    I'm with AXA through my credit card company and when I had an accident abroad last year I had a nightmare with them. Despite having my foot sliced open I insisted on returning to my hotel to pick up my insurance papers and telephoning the company before going to the hospital. First they said they couldn't find any record that I was insured, then I had to phone the bank who assured me I was and they had told AXA this. When I left the clinic four days later after surgery it retained my passport as they said AXA hadn't confirmed they would be paid though this was finally agreed the day before I was due to fly home. All in all it was a very stressful experience and cost me a fortune in phone calls, for which they wouldn't reimburse me as I couldn't prove how many had been made to them, which were the only ones they would have paid for. It took over 5 months to get a settlement of sorts and they even passed my daughter's phone number on to the clinic to chase me for the excess (they had this as she had also spent a fortune phoning them).

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    can't see anything relating to personal belongings etc. can anyone else or am I just totally missing it?


    it says loss or damage to personal possesions, unless he unticked that
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