Travel insurance to America for someone with Cancer

    My friend has just rung me she is going on holiday with her freind who is suffering from terminal stomach cancer, she has been told she has 6-12 months to live. They are going to florida on 24 Sept for 2 weeks. She is 53.

    They have rang a few companies but are struggling to get insurance. Does anyone know of any companies that insure people with terminal ilnesses?

    Many thanks


    Just googled quickly for you:…nce

    May be something there or at least some advice.

    Good luck to your friends friend too.

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    Thanks T0mm, i'll have a look at that, keep trying companies and getting refusals. She was only diagnosed in December and its spread, so thats why most wont offer insurance. 1 company quoted over 2k!

    Its a cold stark world when it comes to travel insurance. like you said, the majority of insurance companies will not insure the person with the illness as its too great a risk for them. the odd company may take the chance but as you also said the premium will be very high, I wouldnt expect anything less than a few grand.

    sorry to hear about your friend.

    Unfortunately a visit to the USA with any illness is going to attract the biggest insurance premiums. Tried to get insurance after a undiagnosed virus and ended up paying over the odds without being covered for the virus if it reoccurred.

    Good luck with your search

    In the end I was covered by Freedom Insure

    Try travel insurance web, there used to be a 20% off voucher on here too.
    I know not the same but they quoted my brother who has diabetes £50 ish for worldwide annual travel insurance including the diabetes cover which seems very reasonable so might be worth a look.
    It has really good reviews too, recommended by mse when I first used them several years ago.

    Travel Insurance Companies
    The British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) has a list of firms, which provide travel insurance for people with permanent or recurring illness.

    British Insurance Brokers Association Tel: 0901 8140015 (calls cost 25p per minute as this is a free service)

    BIBA recommended Companies

    Brunsdon - 01452 623623
    City Bond - 0870 4446431
    Healthcare Partners - 0800 0665604

    Other Companies

    All Clear - 0871 208 8579
    Atlas - 0870 811 1700
    Axa - 0800 068 3911
    Co-op - 0845 746 4646
    Fish - 01772 724442
    Freedom Travel - 0870 774 3760
    Halifax - 0800 032 1751
    Insurance Choice - 0844 5577620
    Saga - 0800 015 8055
    Tesco - 0845 300 9900
    Venturesure - 0845 230 3521

    Older Travellers

    Age Concern - 0845 685 1058
    Flexicover Direct - 0870 460 8932
    Marcus Hearn - 020 7739 3444
    Nationwide - 0500 302012

    Sorry its a long list. I dont know if some are better than others. It was on some documentation I had.

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    Thanks for everyones replies I will give all the numbers to my freind. I think because she is still to have more chemo and that she is terminal then the 2k quote they recieved will be about right. And I think they will go for it as god forbid anything happened then the bills from america would be a lot more than that.
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