Travel Lodge (possible to get money back?)

    Under the terms and conditions it says:

    We will not give a refund on a saver or sale room rate booking and/or extras purchased with the booking.

    So this is my end of the story. I went on the website to book for one night it cost 39 quid. However I made a booking mistake and it was meant to be for two nights. The stupid website woudlnt let me amend so I decided to email them and told them to change the one night to a two night stay. I waited 10 days and they still didnt amend it for me. Instead I decided to cancel the booking and rebook it for two days instead.

    I canceled before finding out they didnt refund on saver rate rooms.

    Its been 2 months now and no refund nothing. Would I be able to get my money back or has a slight mistake cost me 39 quid?


    As far as I am aware, you cant get a refund on a saver room for any reason. It tells you this when you book, and gives you the option of paying more for a room that you could get a refund on.

    Bit late now, but why didnt you make a seperate booking for the second night?

    too late really 2 months down the line

    Original Poster

    If I remember correctly a few days later there was some kind of offer on. It would have been cheaper to rebook the rooms than add a booking for the second day.

    It wasnt as if I booked it and didnt turn up.

    The short answer is no.

    I canceled before finding out they didnt refund on saver rate rooms.

    It does state directly underneath during the booking process:

    On an old thread someone said you can amend to a date in the future and then call them and cancel, never tried but was posted on here about 3 months ago.
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