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Found 23rd Nov 2009
We've booked tickets for a concert in February and need to book 2 hotel rooms,

There will be one or two 18 year olds in each room and one or two 17 year olds in each, I'm assuming this is fine? Will there be any problems?

It will literally just be to sleep in after the concert before going shopping the next day but I'm unsure because of the ages.



They don't ask ages. We've booked two rooms before now and put 1 adult and 2 children in each online and then when we've arrived the 2 adults and 3 year old went in one room and the other 3 children (9, 10 and 12 at the time) went in the other, no problems.

as long as theres an 18 year old in each room it should be fine.

Make sure you booked family rooms.
I messed up a Travelodge booking last year,I was meant to book family room and did double instead,anyway me,my ex and 2 kids were in 1 bed,not good in the Summer,crazy 2 nights.

FYI travelodge are doing some sort of special starts on 26 Nov, check this out…-9-

Travelodge have no prob with under 18's in rooms - took 6 15 year olds to London and bunged em in 2 family rooms - apart from them setting off the fire alarms with party poppers no-one took any notice of them at all :-)

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Many thanks for the replies, booked the rooms now, just wasnt sure as I know some wont take those kind of bookings. Quite good value, £29 for the room between 3 people, only costing £40 each for return trains to manchester from Cumbria, hotel and Tinchy Stryder tickets, just need to keep it secret for a week as some of it is for a birthday present

Reps to you all.
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