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Found 13th Sep 2017
Hi all. Going on a long overdue girls holiday to New York at the end of November.
Whats the best way to take spending money? Cash, travel cards, credit cards?

if anyone has any recommendations then please let me know.

Thanks in advance
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Monzo or revoult! I just used Monzo in Rhodes in Greece last week and it was superb. I HAD to use the greek banks over the cash points that said "EuroNet" as they gave the best exchange rates. Some days I was having 1.085 euro to the pound and sometimes 1.09 (at the time, current euro was 1.09).

My Mate just did Peru, Madrid and Japan all will superb exchange rates. I expect the Dollor would be good. I would recommend getting verified as it restrict you to £1000 a month but the restrictions removed, its to £10,000.

To help skip the queue, use this link:…rt/

Apparently they use these rates:…tml
Nothing beats atm withdrawals using a Halifax clarity card
Another vote for Halifax clarity, don't leave too late applying so your card arrives. I use mine all the time when travelling
Halifax Clarity. You don't need to be paying for the other types of cards and be restricted on withdrawals etc. Just take Halifax. Simples.
post office platinum another good one no loading on overseas rate same as a halifax clarity
I’d agree with Monzo and Revolut prepay. Both extremely useful with great rates. You will also need some cash with you for tipping etc.

Monzo has a huge waiting list but is free where Revolut has a £5 setup for the card.

Revolut came back my fave though as it notifies you the transaction so you can not only see the transaction but if you suspect issues with the card being cloned. You can also disable the card mag strip, contactless or both via the app. It made me feel like I was in control, instead of the banks controlling me.

Monzo will be limiting cash withdrawals, see their blog so choose wisely
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