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    I'm travelling to the US soon and had the foresight (or so I thought) to buy some dollars back when the rate was 1.8-1.9. However, I now have the problem of having to carry a significant amount of money in cash when I travel. Is there any way I can load the cash onto a card of some sort or maybe convert it into travellers cheques?


    you should be able to buy travellers cheques @ travel agents

    try getting a visa debit card or get a top up credit card ........ charges to top up but can use it anywhere (they are mostly mastercard)

    If you are going to the US it is best to have a combination of Cash, Travellers Cheques and a Credit Card.

    To be honest I would not even consider going to the USA without a credit card.

    You may find it difficult to hire a car for example without a credit card, or even book a hotel room.

    Travellers Cheques are good because some places will take them as if they were real money (AND give you change). Plus if you make a note of the numbers, but then lose them, they can be replaced.

    Defo crdit card, if it is not accruing interest (pay it off monthly in full) and you use it FOR PURCHASES ONLY you will not have to pay until much later and you will get a better exchange rate than if you got cash now.No interest accrues on purchases if you are on a clear card but please DON'T draw cash on it.

    I will buy some of the currency off you if you want, im off to the states in 6 weeks!
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