Travel Pillows

I'm planning to go traveling around Europe this summer, but I'll be doing most of the traveling by train so I can expect long journeys in uncomfortable seats

So I'm looking for a good travel pillow. Has anybody used any in the past and can recommend which ones to go for, or at least which ones to avoid because I have heard that there can be a big difference in quality



woo hoo, you're gonna go :thumbsup:

as to travel pillows, every type needs to be tested for individual comfort so pop into John Lewis or a big dept store where they have a range

Personally I've never got on with the blow up ones (always too firm) or the ones that are supposed to wrap round the back of your neck (feel like I'm being strangled). I've had most success with a small "cushtie" one with the microbeads in which came in it's own bag. I carabiner it on to the outside of my handluggage when flying (never had an issue with that either) to save space.

My kids have Gelert travel pillows for camping which we got on a promo from Go Outdoors (BOGOF) at a fiver. They seem to be comfortable and have their own stuff sacks for easy transportation

Yes microbeads definitely more comfortable and you can get memory foam ones I agree with TAH-M blow up ones very uncomfortable
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