Travel quarantine between ireland and england?

Posted 14th Jun 2020
Hello knowledgeable folk of hotukdeals, I've been trying to do some research on current rules regarding quarantine for partners travel plans and think I've got it straight now, but would appreciate if anyone could just confirm. (Yes I know and he knows its best not to at all at the moment but he may have to for family, and no we don't live together).

His current plans are to travel from england to rep of ireland for 1 week. Now what I've gathered is travelling back from ireland to england he would not be subject to quarantine? However currenty he would be required to quarantine in ireland for 2 weeks?

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I'm looking at going to Ireland ASAP, we had to cancel in May. At the moment it seems like it's still 2 week quarantine. After this you're not allowed to leave the county you're in or travel more than 20km.

We really want to go (County Mayo is so peaceful) but can't at the moment as we'd be stuck in our bungalow for 2 weeks. It does seem that shops are beginning to reopen, a local tourist attraction is opening soon too (Kylemore Abbey) so things do seem to be moving again. I'm hoping we'll be able to go in August but can't really now.

I'm not sure what the deal would be with staying with family, I don't think he'd be able to do it for 1 week but maybe could do it for 2. A couple of days before we were supposed to catch the ferry I had a text from Irish ferries, I needed to fill in a declaration with the address I was staying in quarantine for 2 weeks. I suspect this may cause a problem if you travel 1 week later as you've declared you'll stay put for 2 weeks.
Yeah the Government class Republic of Ireland as common travel area which does not require self-isolation on return. However, Republic of Ireland require all overseas arrivals to self-isolate for 2 weeks. It's all tracked through the Public Health Passenger Locator form. I would keep checking because things are changing each week.
Anybody know if it's possible to fly from London to Belfast for a few day's break in August please?
Thanks looks like I was right. And given he was looking at going in a couple of weeks it's all very last minute to see what changes happen, on top of the costs of travel and trying to potentially get that extra week from work.

I didn't see it as practical when he mentioned it was all very sudden. Hoping it can be put off a while longer.
I'm Belfast here and not sure of the rules. My missus goes regularly to Liverpool to see her Dad but hasn't been since lockdown. Boats now require facemasks for their use, comes into force tonight for the Liverpool/ Belfast route afaik.

We luckily haven't been hit as bad as the rest of the UK but I know we have different lockdown rules to the rest of the country (as does Scotland and Wales.)

I know Spain ect. have eased lockdown rules to allow visitors. If you remember though we were hit with the peak of the lockdown 2 weeks after Spain and Italy so I'd think we'll follow a similar trajectory to the rest of Europe in a few weeks.
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