travel system / buggy suitable for newborn girl

With all the baby requests on here lately im after some recommendations on either a travel system (pref) or a buggy to suit a newborn girl - relatively cheap. I have a travel system from my previous but it is navy blue!!! Thinking of selling my Britax and buying a more girl friendly system!

Any advice HUGELY appreciated.
Ive go 7 weeks to go!!! ;-)


How much was you going up to? And when you say travel system do you want to use the carseat in your car as it will depend what will fit?

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hello louloo!!
Looking around £100-£150 i guess. Yeah with car seat.
Its a shame cos i got this already but its blue! Guess im being fussy!

This is just a buggy but its pink! and mamas and papas which is a quality name, its in argos at £89.99 product no 3761511

I bought a lovely buggy by graco which is pink and black which will fit with any graco carseat. Any of the graco buggys will according to graco turn into a travel system with a graco carseat. I already had a graco carseat is why we bought the buggy seperately

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Thanks everyone - will have a look

I spent a fortune this time and bought a phil and ted after my trusty Maclaren XT broke. I am now wanting to sell my Phil and Ted and buy another XT. They now do an XLR which has the car seat and you can have girly colours or just buy girly comfort packs. Much better to have a buggy as opposed to one of those big pushchairs.

Even though they seem a little expensive at around £160 once you find some vouchers and used quidco (especially mothercare) it brings the price right down

Remember to check the Car Seat Manufacturer's website to make sure it fits your Car. :thumbsup:

Here's the Fit-Finder for Britax :


not a travel system but a good buy for when baby a few months old


I'm looking for the same thing. Is there a pink or girly design travel system out there anywhere because I can't seem to find one?!

Thanks! I'll take a look at the links now
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