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Found 20th May 2009
Me and afew friends are goin on a world trip soon, just wondering if any1 knows if its cheaper to buy one of those round the world ticket, or to buy each ticket separately in each country?

cheers tom.

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I flew around the world with Air New Zealand they were brilliant
when you get to the USA you can get a Greyhound Pass that will cost approx $80 to get from one side of the US to the other and it gives you 14 days to do so, we did this and stayed in most states for a night or two (I think that is the price of a return ticket)
We also stayed in Youth Hostels which again were brilliant - have a wonderful trip:thumbsup:

There is a risk buying tickets in stages, but it will work out cheaper. I have not done what you are attempting, but have travelled around using this method.


Round the world ticket will be cheapest for you air fairs. Finding accommodation when you get to each destination will be cheapest. best books/guides are lonely planet and the rough guide.

Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaads cheaper to get a round the world ticket in advance.

You don't actually book flights and dates you buy a ticket with 7,8,9, 10 etc flights and give provisional flights and dates but can ring up the airline at any time and say sod that, i want to stay here another week then fly, or fly to X instead of Y or go tomorrow not next week.

Can get a RTW ticket for sub £1000. You can always buy local flights when you get there if you don't want to use you allocation in the RTW ticket, save those flights for long distance etc.

RTW are also based on continents, so if you visit 2 continents it's X, 3 it's £x, 4 it's £x etc

Ours was a Quantas / BA but flew with loads of different airlines including Virgin, Fiji, American Airlines

Speak to STA, if you get a good advisor they are really really useful!!!
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