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    If I get some Travellers cheques for our holiday to Tunisia will I love money changing any back into GBP if I dont spend them all? If so does anyone know the exchange rate?



    If you take english TC's to change over there you can put them back into your bank account at face value when you come back, any other currency i.e. dollars, would be exchanged at the daily rate on the day

    you need to buy the cheques in gbp anyway-you cant buy tunisian currency in this country-only in tunisia and you arent allowed to take any out of tunisia either.

    it doesn't cost anything to cash them in, but they can be quite expensive (relatively) to witheverything shop around.

    as with bulgaria(another closed currency)-you will get a FAR better rate if you take american dollars in cash and change them as you need them-they seem to prefer dollars to english currency. Your holiday money will go much further in tunisia if you do this-also if you are planning any excursions like the pirate ship,quad bike safaris etc offer to pay the agent in dollars and you will get it MUCH cheaper.

    another tunisia tip-the average hotel worker earns 70 pence per day! the first day you arrive at the hotel slip the restaurant manager a coupla quid and they will treat you like a king for your entire stay!


    I paid £760 and got £760, when changing them abroad I got a better rate t … I paid £760 and got £760, when changing them abroad I got a better rate than changing cash, and when I paid them back in England I didn't get charged.

    you are absolutely right-not in tunisia tho-cash is king!

    Dunno why folk bother with TCs anymore - very out dated form of spending money abroad.

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    Thanks alot for the replies, reps for you all!

    Normally just get money off parents but they arent taking much this time so thought about the cheques, might give the USD a go insteadfor a change, will pop and get some tomorrow!!!
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