Travellers Cheques for Cuba?

Found 23rd Feb 2010
Dear All,

Re: Travellers Cheques for Cuba?

I understand that it's not advisable to use travellers cheques associated with America, do any exist please?

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they hate america thats why and will charge you a fortune to change them thats if they will at all. i have been to cuba 3 times and just take cash and change it at the hotel.
Don't know but probably not advisable to bring US dollars


Don't know but probably not advisable to bring US dollars:)

they wont except dollars they used to do but that stopped years to take british pounds and change to there convertable peso once there.
we went cuba last year we just took english money then exchanged into cuban money at hotel it was no problem but saying that we didnt need much money but had a great time wish i was going back there
Thomas Cook travellers cheques will do the job...
[SIZE="4"][COLOR="Blue"]Thanks for your reply's, however I really want to know which travellers cheques I can take please? Thomas Cook deal in American Flodd thanks for tip, but I don't want my Mother from Oz stranded. [/COLOR][/SIZE] ;-)
Thomas Cook issue their own travellers cheques... I've used them before now travelling to cuba (legally) but you should make sure they're in uk sterling or euros.

I'm pretty sure barclaycard used to be okay too...

Oh to be stranded in cuba! As Dr Smith would say, "the pain... the pain..."
Went into TC yesterday and they've now changed to Amex. Don't know when you last travelled
its been a couple of years since i last went to cuba... how about hbos?

its a tricky one ill conceed, taking cash is risky, crime is pretty rare in cuba but pickpockets are on the increase.
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