travelling bath to midlands

    travelling bath to the midlands, just looked on maps and offers 2 routes. m4 m5 m6 m42(150 miles) or A429(100 miles)..

    any one any knowledge on either route??

    looking around 3pm departure so will be hitting traffic



    Where in the midlands? I went from
    Bristol to Wolverhampton this weekend and m6 was stacked. I would try and avoid unless you can't.

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    leicestershire.. it says junctions 4 join m6 junction 2 leave it..

    the other way takes me a429 all the way to warick then a46 around coventry :s

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    I often go from a small village between Bath and Swindon to Birmingham. I take the back roads... A419 to A417 then get on to the M5 at J11a and straight up but I only ever travel outside of peak times so miss the traffic. However, you're going to Leics so definitely take the A429 as it's much much quicker and more direct - completely ignore M5!!
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    Or you could come off the M5 at Junction 9 and follow A46 all the way up to M69 at Cov.

    a travelling bath you say.... interesting...

    Agree with baffledsamon I go to Leicester occasionally and once made mistake of m5. Stick to the back roads you will save lots of time

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    thanks all.. il give the back roads a try then..

    If you join the M4 at junction're going the wrong way!

    Have you tried the RAC or AA online routeplanners to see what they suggest?
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