Travelling by car in London

Posted 14th Sep 2020

I’m looking to have a day out in London on Friday with my son

Just take in a few sites around London - eye, Parliament etc.

What’s the deal with congestion charging etc. Is it applied for 24h? I thought it only ran from 7am. If that is the case then can anyone recommend a car park where I can ditch my car for the day and travel round by foot

Not keen on taking the bus or tube in current environment.

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Not sure about any car parks specifically.. but if you check on you should be able to find a parking spot nearby.

PM me if you need a student discount code
It's 7am - 10pm, and don't forget possible ULEZ charges as well.
Thought they put it up to midnight recently. Check tfl website. Believe NCP are doing an offer at the moment £10 parking via app find a suitable one that meets your needs. There’s one in soho but that might be a little far for kid to walk to the sites your planning. Enjoy your day out
If you avoid the usual rush hours, trains and buses are quite empty right now. Even more so on a Friday.
You want to drive in central london ?
Use an outer london station with a car park and get the train in, wear a mask and alcohol wash your hands and you will be fine, i dont have a problem with using public transport with the relevant safety advice in place, its the busy congested streets with unprotected people walking shoulder to shoulder and pushing past with no social distancing that worries me
The Congestion Charge is a £15 daily charge if you drive within the Congestion Charge zone 07:00-22:00,

Source: TfL site
As someone else says your looking at congestion ulez and if you do manage to find a car park with a space it will be about £30 or more for the day you can sometimes find one near marble arch
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