travelling equipment

    Hello guys, going travelling this summer with interrail, need a few things:

    60L backpack
    foreign sim cards
    small first aid kit
    one of those metal water bottles? like thermos but not?
    money belt

    if anyone has any suggestions of essential stuff i could add, do let me know.


    Loads of travel orientated stuff in Lidl, Netto and Aldi at the moment. Ranging from padlocks, continental plug adaptors, suncream, money belt etc. Also pop into Poundland and other cheapo stores as they often have branded travel goods for sale.

    And go to an independent chemist such as Lloyds or Numark and ask for generic tablets for headaches and the runs!

    millets your one stop shop
    have fun i certainly did
    did it 4 times in my teens

    Original Poster

    i have no lidl, aldi or poundlound around my area, i do have a millets tho so i'll have a look there. thanks!:thumbsup:

    If you have a Home Bargains nearby, they are quite good for thermos flasks really cheap
    also TK MAXX are good for backpacks, loads cheaper than millets for a decent one!

    If you buy something from millets say your in scouts/cadets or are doing/helping with the duke of edinburgh as you will get yourself a 10% discount.
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