Travelling From Bolton To Birmingham

    Wondering if anyone could help, I'm going to the NEC arena in Birmingham in April 2010, and I wanted to plan in advance and find out how much it would cost to go via train, I do drive but by the time I've put in £40 for petrol and paid for parking not to mention all the traffic I'm thinking it's less stressful to go via train


    having only been on a train once in my life when I was 12, (and I'm 34 now) I'm finding it very confusing finding out the best method of travelling there.

    I need to be in Birmingham before 09:30 and arrive near to the NEC or at least 20 mins walking distance.

    I'm travelling from Bolton, but I don't mind swaping at any of the Manchester stations but that's about it, I don't really want to be waiting around for connecting trains as I'm pretty sure I'll end up missing one.

    The Cheapest I can find for a return fare is £60 + , I think this is dear tbh, not sure if I'm doing something wrong, 1st class works out at over £100!!,

    I have considered National Express coaches but again never used them or know about times etc.

    Could anyone help who's in the train know lol



    april 2010? really? wow :o:p

    did you work for smiths hire?

    i went from manchester picadilly and got a train ticket on the day, was same day return and came to about £26, but this was after peak time, after 9.30am, it would cost more before 9.30am, not to sure on prices, i use to check prices, earlier you book it, cheaper it is


    did you work for smiths hire?

    who? :?

    You can go either to Preston or Manchester Piccadilly; from Manchester it'll be on CrossCountry or from Preston Virgin Trains.

    why not going to picadilly station and booking it from there, theyl try and get you best price

    hi, not sure if you have an Althams travel agents in Bolton, we have them in Darwen/Blackburn but they do really cheap train tickets, had to go to Peterbrough recently, NorthernRail wanted £58 one way, Althams got me seat on the same train for £16, check them out, might be one in your town

    I travel to birmigham from Manchester and back every week.
    If you have to go before 9.30 then book two tickets there and two back breaking your journey at Stoke on Trent .

    It may even be worth trying four each eay:
    1 Bolton to MAnchester Pic
    1. Manchester to Stoke
    1. Stoke to Birmingham
    1. Birmingham New street - NEC

    Def try the break at stoke - works every time
    Also this means you are only paying for peak time travel when you are actually traveling in peak time.

    Good luck


    april 2010? really? wow :o:p

    i know - nothing like planning at the last second
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