Travelling to Derby -weather an issue

    Travelling from Preston to Derby tomorrow. Any issues with snow etc? What's the best way to go ?? Thanks


    Nothing in the East Midlands. Not sure about in between though.

    thats a bitch of a journey....

    Theres only 2 real options, M6 - A50 or M6 - M62 - M1, the latter being longer but arguably easier because its motorway all the way, I went over the pennines this morning no problems with snow.


    No snow in east mids. I'd prob go A50 but not sure why... A50 is pretty quiet most of the time, but work out where you'll be at rush hour, and choose the route which will mean you're at a quiet bit!


    the best way to go is by sleigh

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    I'm leaving home at 8 ish. Was thinking of the A50.. but the M1 may be better.. still undecided.


    No snow but very cold. I wouldn't bother.

    No snow at all in Derby, it's bypassed us completely. A50 fine

    Next snow forecast for wednesday and thursday - only light snow though


    No more snow here please (Oxford) or Bournemouth supposed to be taking my Grandparents to a show.

    Used to do this journey plenty when at uni in preston -


    Arguably the best route - less hectic than the main M routes. However not sure of snow through the peaks. Failing that M6 - A50: A50 is dead most the time.

    Failing that there is always the train,

    Preston - Crewe, Crewe - Derby

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    Husband went to Whaley Bridge yesterday via Ashbourne and Buxton. All roads were fine

    M6 to J15 then A50 across to Derby. M6 can be a beatch but A50 is usually pretty clear and quick.

    Snowing very lightly in Leicestershire as of now, but I do mean very lightly.
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    I decided to do M62 -> M1 going and A50 -> M6 back.
    No problems either way !!

    Thanks for all you advise.

    Your welcome........ that'll be 20 quid please.
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