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Hi guys,
Might need to fly abroad at some point later this year. My work laptop appears to have two batteries (ThinkPad, 1x internal, 1x hot-swappable). Collectively the wattage of the battery is around 116Wh. However, I think the hand-luggage flight battery limit is 100Wh right?

If so does that mean I should leave the secondary/hotswappable battery in the baggage, and take the laptop with the internal battery only, onto the flight right?
Probably over thinking this.
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I think they're worried about the battery short circuiting and setting fire to the plane.
Certain flights tell you not to use power banks but not seen any issues with laptops, fly all over the place with work and never have an issue, even with an extended battery we have in ours.
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Most flights if not all only allow you 100. I would not recommend taking the battery in the checked lugugae as if anything happens you will be responsible, e.g.s burst into flames.

Why not just take the one battery that has a longer battery life?
Also, it only reflects to batteries that are LiPo batteries. If someone is travelling with you, ask them to put one battery in their bag.
I know this only because I have carried 2 drones with me, Me personally i would just take the batteries on board.
Most airlines don't allow batteries to be carried in your check-in baggage.
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