I booked 2 x 2 rooms for me & hubby to take the kids away during the school hols.

However, a new job means we can't go.

They were really cheap deals, so I haven't paid out a fortune of them. However, even though they are non changeable, non refundable rooms, if I could get some money back by selling them on, then obviously I'd be a happy bunny!

SO, can I sell them on & if so, how??


Where are you staying? I don't know where you can sell them off but if you put which travelodge it is you might receive some interest from people on here.

Put it on here with dates and then people will see =)

Thread closed - Travelodge T&Cs don't allow rooms to be resold / transferred unfortunately :

You cannot transfer or resell your booking (in whole or in part). If you … You cannot transfer or resell your booking (in whole or in part). If you transfer or resell (or attempt to transfer or resell) then Travelodge will terminate your booking and retain any money paid to us for such booking. We may also refuse to take any further booking from you in the future.


Please do not relist or deal off thread for this booking

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