Travelodge at Terminal 5 is it possible to walk to airport

Found 15th Nov 2008
Seen some reports of Taxis charging up to £30 , for this journey , It states 0.2 miles on the Travelodge webpage, but looking on sat map cannot see any pavements. Anybody have local knowledge of being able to walk, It seems criminal to pay these fees for such a short distance
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Nope I dont think its possible to walk it over ... I know for a fact there is the M25 in between but I cross that route all the time and I have never seen pedestrians walking towards travellodge from T5.

I may be wrong though !!
Have you checked if the hotel offers a bus service to the terminal?
And you have to bare in mind that cabbies will either not travel such short distances (as its not worth their time) or charge you a minimum. The minimum I've seen here is £5 but T5 may be a different case. I am about 1.5 miles from T5 and the cabbie charges me about £15.
Let me know if you need a number to call ... I know the cheapest ppl around for taxis !
From Travelodge website:

If travelling by taxi from Heathrow Airport to Travelodge Heathrow Terminal 5, please contact Station Cars Langley Heathrow as we have arranged preferential rates for Travelodge customers. Travel from Terminals 1-4 is £13 (£20 for a 6 seater car) and from Terminal 5 is £11 (£16.50 for a 6 seater car). Please call 01753 545000 to make your booking.

So, no
Thanks for the advise,,, Good old travelodge...
Good rates £11 for 0.2 miles....Got me in the net good and proper,,, But thanks for the info
Try Ronia cabs too ... they are the cheapest in the arae.
they have a shuttle bus but its £4 each way pp

Try Ronia cabs too ... they are the cheapest in the arae.

Whereabouts are they based Cyrus ?
I would try 711 they are cheap, the number is 01753 711711 ring and ask for a price, last time i went from slough it cost £13 and it was 6 miles

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