Travelodge room

Anyone want a room at Gatwick Travelodge for 13th June. No longer need the room but they won't refund or amend the booking. Anyone want it??


Aw no good to me, but lovely gesture

*awaits a million people asking if its free*

does it come with flights ??:)


does it come with flights ??:)


hold it sama... i got around this.. by accident.. but wait...

ok now i got ur attention i will explain.... i booked a supersaver room...then needed to cancel... so i rang them up at their HQ and spoke to someone who said fine we will change it to a different hotel.... so i booked a normal rate at a different area....

i then took that confirmation number and cancelled my booking of the normal rate... hey back!!!

didnt plan to cancel second room.. but needed to and sorta realised i stumbled on a dodgy loophole!

two days too late for me. shame! I would have.... Good luck with it though xx

oh how much? tis hubbys birthday that weekend

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Thanks for the tip. I'll ring them tomorrow and see what happens. If not I'll let you know! I did try and amend the date on line but it will only let me change it for another saver rate and i need to change it to a flexible rate to get the refund.
Good tip tho- thank you!

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still had no joy from them - does anyone want it?!?
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