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I can't use a Travelodge room I got in their sale and I was going to give it to a mate to use instead, However the current T&Cs for Travelodge are implying they will check your id when you check-in and if you are the wrong person cancel the booking etc. I have done this loads of times in the past and never had any problems, I have also stayed in Travelodges loads and never been asked for id. I wondered if anyone else had had any problems. I noticed the T&Cs came into effect on the 28th June and my booking was way before this but I don't know whether this is a new rule or not.


I've never been asked for ID so i am sure it would be fine!!


Can you, just not contact them and tell them that you are ill or something and that a friend is taking your place?

Was at one the other day and no id was asked.

Maybe its just for cheaper rooms, maybe its only in the bigger cities etc.

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T&Cs say you can't change the name on the booking either. Must be a lot of £9 rooms being sold on and they are trying to stamp this out.

if you give him the confirmation letter/email then he should be ok, or couldn't you just give him some i.d that you have, that isn't photo i.d obviously.

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Thanks worse comes to the worse I will check him in as I am in London on Friday.

I've never been ask for ID in any of the Travelodges I've stopped in including the discounted rated rooms. In fact, never been ask in any hotel I've stopped in!!
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