Travel/Weekend Bag Needed ???

    I am jetting off for a weekend in Amsterdam in a few weeks time and then travelling to Benidorm for a weekend for a hen do in March and its been a long time since I last flew and I dont have a clue about what hand luggage I can take, I havent paid baggage allowance but my friends assure me I can take a bag on as 'hand luggage'?
    I am looking for a cheapish but nice bag that allows me to pack 2-3 days clothes etc for the weekend which will mean I wont have to pay extra at the airport. Please can somebody help rep waiting?


    u need to check with ur airline as to what dimensions they allow...they all differ

    This case is the maximum size allowed as cabin baggage by Ryanair and Easyjet. You can read all the reviews to see opinions, it seems like the best option that I can see.…htm

    Edited to add - reading the reviews on Argos about the above case, I read one that said he bought two and they were two different models. one had a retractable handle on top , the other didnt, so the other one was too tall to fit into the ryanair cage. On checking the description of the case, there are TWO different sets of dimensions given on the description!! So if I was you, Id take a tape measure to Argos, and check you get the one with the retractable handle.

    Or there is this one from Tesco .…spx

    Just remember that you cant also take a small handbag on with you, your cabin case counts as your one and only piece of luggage.

    What is your hand luggage allowance, 5Kg 10Kg?

    also dont forget you will be restricted with the amount of fluids and types of fluids you can take onboard.
    So if your planning on shampoo/conditioner/toothpaste/perfume/makeup etc you need to be mindfull of the restrictions.
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