Found 1st Aug 2017
Hello all. I am looking at buying a deal through Travelzoo. Can anyone tell me if they are reliable? Any help appreciated. Many Thanks
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Hope this helps but I work in a shared office and one of the guys here work with Travel Zoo and they negotiate deals with 3rd parties to provide discounted rates etc. for certain deals (thats why some holidays have odd dates etc.) and they are legit. I have bought odd shows and packages from there before and usually it goes via the 3rd party website anyway. I assume they are an "agggregator" as such so they will get a kick back on anything bought. Kind of how Quidco works for people I guess?
Thank you for your reply darthvader666uk. I have gone ahead and booked the weekend break via Travelzoo. It just seemed too good an offer to be true and in my experience if it seems to good to be true then it probably is so was very apprehensive. I have read a few reviews via trustpilot , TripAdvisor etc and they are very much a mixed bag. The trips abroad seem to have some negative responses but the UK stays seem to be positive so fingers crossed I have found a good one. Many Thanks for taking the time to reply, it is much appreciated. Emma
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