Traxdata Dual Layer Google Checkout

    Looking for a place that sells traxdata 8.5 dual layer and that also has google checkout £10 off orders over £30 if there is anywhere

    Cant seem to find any on ebuyer


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    cheers ill try and work it out see what i can get for £30

    ye definatly traxdata is what i need

    why is that? never really used dual-layers before but the traxdata seem very expensive, is that an okay price for them?

    I see they are RITEK S04/D03 dye.. Is that especially reliable? Have a 360 by any chance?

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    ye traxdata work better than verbs on my 360, ive had trouble with verbs for some reason

    Doesnt seem a bad price i guess

    I ordered them from…tml last time and think it came to £14.50 inc p+p for a tub of 10

    Just wanted to try and save a bit by ordering around £30 worth and using google checkout £10 off so roughly be paying £20 but would be more with svp

    Well, you could get 2 packs and a ]one of these CD cases for £21.15 delivered after gc, seems a bit better.

    Or get 2 packs and these ]50 DVD-R for £24.64 delivered.
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