Hi guys,

    I've no idea about what's what when it comes to treadmills - but want a nice sturdy one which has programmable routines, computer screen, incline (if possible), and heartrate monitor.

    anyone have one, or know of one suitable?
    I'm in London, and have a budget of around 600 squids.



    My daughter bought on offer from Argos last month, keep looking as they go "on offer" every few weeks and they are a bit of a fad thing. She's given up already.

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    well, I've just bought the one from ..... BRING ON OPERATION BUSTAGUT!




    best bet is to look on ebay and limit searches to within driving distance of your home. I have seen many on there go for about 20% of RRP so expect to pay about £100 for a £500 machine.

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    We have got one of these no heart monitor, but a good … We have got one of these no heart monitor, but a good machine.

    Took delivery of this today ..... holy ****!
    The delivery men brought it up to my front door (I'm on 1st floor) and then told me I was on my own.

    it's 100kg!!! 220lbs!!! freakin hell!

    So, once all manouvred into position (on my own, as i thought delivery guys would help me set up .. yeh right!!!), and then realised I actually wanted to run towards the TV, i turned it around and had a run.

    It's a great machine for a fantastic price.
    Nice recommendation! Reps!

    Why not just jog around the block and save yourself the money? The weather has been brilliant!
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