Treating My Dogs Eye Problem

Posted 19th Oct 2020
My dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross of six and half years old, is experiencing some eye problems. He has always had one eye that was a little bit weaker than the other one due to an injury from a bite to the eye area, when he was attacked by another dog as a puppy. He did see the vet about that immediately and I was assured at the time that no lasting damage had been done, but the eye just never seems to have been quite as good since and had some very occasional clear leakage, but this has always cleared up naturally of its own accord and never seemed to trouble our dog and we would help to clean the surrounding area if we saw any leakage, as it’s build up could make him try to scratch it away with his claw. He has had several yearly check ups since and the vet has never picked up on any problems with it.

However, recently he seemed to develop eye problems beyond the normal occasional slight discharge in one eye, with more significant discharge of a mucus consistency and the eye sometimes remaining closed or partly closed and now the other eye seems to be becoming affected too, though not as badly as the weak eye. We initially thought the problem was being caused or exacerbated by him scratching at the eyes to try to clear the mucus and so got him an inflatable collar to prevent this.

However, this seems to be having little effect so we are now concerned that the problem may be due to something getting in the eyes or a reaction to something he has encountered in the garden. There is some reddening of the eyes too. However, thankfully, he still seems to be able to see normally and generally seems to be behaving normally and happy enough in himself in spite of the eye problem and apart from trying to scratch to clear the mucus doesn’t seem to be too troubled. I have checked the symptoms online and they seem to be a very good match for conjunctivitis. I have ordered some eye drops from Amazon that other people have said can cure conjunctivitis and am waiting for these to arrive, its this one:…1LT

However, in the meantime please could you advise is there anything else I can try that might help relieve the eye problem for him?

I know the usual advice is to go to the vets for a problem of this kind and in normal times I absolutely would. However, with the Covid situation only getting worse, our area now being in a high-risk category and the person I live with and care for being identified as extremely vulnerable, I REALLY want to avoid the vets if at all possible. Of course, I do not want to deny my dog needed treatment either, but if there is any way the problem might be resolved without needing vet treatment, I would MUCH prefer that option.

Any advice very gratefully received. Thank you.
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