I want to buy an electric tredmill , but wanted to know when you run on them do they make a lot of noise?

    Live in an apartment and my neighbour is a busy body so just wanted to know if its quite noisy or not?

    Im normal weight but i do want to run quite fast on it everyday.

    I just found this on Argos ,anyone know if its anygood? seems a bit to cheap to me…htm


    I would have thought it would be fairly noisy, the ones at the gym can seem quite loud when someone is really giving it some. And that's in a big room with music blaring out.

    How about a cross trainer? might be quieter and I find them harder work. lol

    They are very noisy, if you are in the slightest bit worried about your neighbours hearing it then don't buy it.. not only that but I guarantee after a month it will only be used for dumping clothes on... as someone said a cross trainer is a better buy or why not go for a jog/run down the road?

    not only are the treadmills noisy but they need servicing quite a bit

    cheaper to go outside running

    Buy a wii + wii fit game. It has jogging on there and loads of others plus muscle work out's arobics, yoga. etc. Great fun and keeps you fit at the same time plus all the family can join in too. Woudl really reccomend.

    I agree. Treadmills are very noisey. They generate a lot of noise to the room below and also to the rooms at the sides as the floor gets a good pounding and this reverberates all around. In my experience, they also generate a lot of electrical interferance as the DC motor can cause problems with TV and radio reception.


    cheaper to go outside running


    Plus the fresh air is good for you.

    i personally think the reebok i run isnt that noisy i have one and go on it when the kids are in bed so cant be that noisy

    Original Poster

    thanks for everyones advice , looks like i will not bother with one as some say i think its best i just do it outside , with all this cold weather though it makes u not feel like doing it lol

    Gym is ends up working out to damm expensive , so thought it would be easier and cheaper with a tredmill , but ill have a look at the cross trainer now , thanks every1


    Go outside and run!

    1. It's free
    2. It's better for you (unless you get run over)
    3. You don't have to worry about the busy-body neighbour (unless it's him that runs you over)
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