Trezor - crypto reassurance

Posted 10th Jan 2021
Hi, thought best to ask here as I may get a quicker response.
I got into crypto fairly late back in July, took a couple months to read up about Chainlink before purchasing.
I got myself a Trezor wallet, all set up and my link was on Binance.
At the time the only way to store link on the wallet was via Myetherwallet, choose one of the many addresses and withdraw from Binance.
I checked it and its still there.
Anyway I logged into my Trezor wallet today and there is a new option to store Eth and Link in the main screen of my wallet, meaning I would no longer need to go via Myetherwallet. Is it worth moving or is it basically just as secure. I'm still obviously fairly new at all this and get pretty anxious esp with my money.
I also have 1 Eth at the same address as my Link
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