Tribute to television tragedy girl-sad accident Christmas day

    A father who accidentally killed his daughter by dropping a television on her head has paid tribute to his "bright, clever girl". Skip related content
    Related photos / videos Tribute to television tragedy girl Emily May Hughes, four, died on Christmas Day after a freak accident at her home the day before.

    Her father Robert, a design engineer, did not know the little girl was beneath his feet as he struggled downstairs with a "heavy, deep, bulky," widescreen television. He stumbled into her and dropped the set, pinning her down.

    Emily was treated at hospital but died from a "catastrophic brain injury" that stopped her pulse and blood pressure, an inquest at Liverpool Coroner's Court heard.

    Issuing a statement from the family home in Coedpoeth, Wrexham, Mr Hughes and his wife, Louise, said: "Emily is part of a large, well-known local family here in Coedpoeth, her mother Louise has worked as a youth worker here for 10 years.

    "We'd like to thank everyone for their support, including phone calls from round the world, flowers and cards. The funeral, on a date to be arranged, will be a celebration of her life. Emily was a bright, clever girl, well liked by everybody, caring and kind.

    "She had a real talent for singing, and had done solos in the school concert just before Christmas. We will miss her, and will never forget her."

    Coroner Andre Rebello recorded a verdict of accidental death.

    Mr Rebello said: "This was a tragic accident and this will always be a difficult time in the future with every Christmas. It is every parent's worst nightmare for their child's funeral to take place before their own.

    "I hope the family can recover from this tragedy and celebrate the joy of Emily's life. Emily will not have suffered and not have known about this injury. I pass on my sincere condolences to the family."


    poor little sod

    The tragedy echoes the death of another young Welsh child, Riyaz Ghaazi Mohamed, who was killed by a falling television at his home in Penlan, Swansea earlier this year.
    A spokesman for North Wales Police said: "As a result of a very sad and tragic accident, which was reported to police at 6.20pm on Christmas Eve, a four year old girl passed away at Alder Hey children's hospital on Christmas Day.
    "The family are understandably very distraught by this tragic accident and police appeal for them to be left alone at this incredibly difficult time."
    An inquest is expected to be opened by the north east Wales coroner in the next few days.
    The death of 13-month-old Riyaz Ghaazi Mohamed in July prompted a coroner to issue a warning about the dangers of heavy objects on light furniture.
    His inquest, earlier this month, was told that he pulled over a television weighing 73lb as he used a chest of drawers to stand.
    Coroner Philip Rogers recorded a verdict of accidental death but warned parents with small children over "the stability of furniture in their home, especially when heavy objects are placed on lightweight furniture."
    He added: "This is a tragedy which could easily happen again."
    The hearing was told that the two lower drawers of the piece of furniture had been filled with books, videos and DVDs, while the top drawer was empty.
    Reconstruction showed that when the two full drawers were opened the furniture became "very unstable".


    Watch out for falling TV's please folks!

    Original Poster



    Watch out for falling TV's please folks!


    Sad story.

    Makes chicken little's acorn sound like crying wolf!

    I read about this last week - to be involved in the accidental death of your child is probably one of the worst things that could happen to you as a parent.....

    I feel so sorry for this dad. It is something he will have to live with for the rest of his life. Forgiving ones self is the hardest thing to do.


    I feel so sorry for this dad. It is something he will have to live with … I feel so sorry for this dad. It is something he will have to live with for the rest of his life. Forgiving ones self is the hardest thing to do.

    I'd imagine you'd think about the event literally every day for the rest of your life.

    Totally shocking, and goes to show freak accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. And people take the mick out of me, for wrapping mine up in cotton wool, sorry but she is just TOO precious!
    RIP little angel, and heartfelt sympathy goes out to the dad. x

    My heart goes out to the whole family such a tragic accident.
    RIP sweet girl

    It can happen, when my daughter was 3 she was using the tv stand to pull herself up and yep, the tv fell on her. Luckily i was sat next to it and managed to catch most of the weight of the tv.
    I couldnt sleep for nights. She was fine though but it really upset me.
    The father must be in torment, i feel so sorry for him. It was an accident, simple as, yet no doubt he will forever blame himself. It makes you realise how easily life can be taken away which is why it is important to love and live every second.

    Really sad, I wouldn't be able to watch anything on that TV ever.

    Gods this mush be devestating for her whole family but esspecially her dad.
    Poor souls all of them

    rip to all the children that have died in unforscene cicumstances. our thoughts r with u.

    there was a statment in the local paper (its not to far from me) saying that the farther was absolutly crushed which i think is understandable the funeral was saturday i think) but i know the church was packed to bursting point about 350 attendants

    RIP little angel

    So sad.
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