Found 21st Mar 2008
Does anyone know of some good, FREE MP3 software I can download so I can take an existing MP3 music track and "trim" it to just the chorus or whatever please?

Many thanks!!

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dont know how good it is but try ]here

if you download itunes and put your music on there, then right click, on the song then go on get info and then the options tab your can enter the start and finish time of a song, free, realiable and easy to use software

here is another free ]one

I find the easiest/best to use software is ]Audacity

]This one is good
AV Music Morpher Gold 4.0.60

agree with Audacity

+1 for Audacity. Reaper is pretty good too (and free).


here is another free ]one

[email protected]@k I done it again !! lol :thumbsup:


[email protected]@k I done it again !! lol :thumbsup:

easy when you know how glad i have helped at least 1 person today:w00t:

Another one for Audacity, a great piece of software, I highly recommend it also

Original Poster

BTW - I'm on Vista. I tried MP3splitter but it's not comaptible with Vista. Many many thanks for all the advices. Will have a look at them and see which is best for me. Rep left for all.
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