Trio Splitting keep sake necklace...

    Need some help finding some necklaces for my half-sisters.
    Cutting a long story short...
    I met my half-sisters this year for the first time...and Im 35!

    Id like to get a triple splitting necklace so each of us can have a piece...
    Ive looked around and only seem to find kid's ones for "Friends"

    or failing that....I would get 2 sets and give a different half to each sister and id have the other 2 pieces.

    The one shop I found that had one to order was £500!
    I love my sisters but Im not that rich unfortuantly...

    any help gratefully recieved...



    I know it's not exactly what you're after but if you can't find a triple splitting then why not get 3 identical lockets and put photos in each i.e you get one with pics of each half sister in, and the others get a pic of you and the other sister?
    Congratulations by the way, it must be fantastic!!!!

    Please dont take this the wrong way. I am in no way implying anything by about this pendant which means 3 become one.…asp

    Yes its from a white witch website, but I have searched the web for you and cant find the pendants that split into 3 anywhere, but one of these each would be nice and they are only £3.25 each chain sold seperately.

    Original Poster

    Hi thanx for the replies...

    I havent taken any offence lol....
    id like that 3 in 1 in gold...
    My sisters wear jewellry all the time but gold....

    It has been an exciting year thats for sure...
    Im now an auntie which is even better!!


    As you are interested in the silver charm but in gold, I thought this ebay item might interest you. Item number 130056418035. sorry couldn't get a link copied.
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