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I'm lloking into taking my Girlfriend away to Italy for a week in July...

I've never been before, but it's somewhere I've wanted to go for a long time... I'm just asking if anyone else has been, are there any MUST SEE's? or any places to stay that you highly recommend?




Hi Ive been to venice and rome and would def recommend them both, more so for venice though it has a beach there and would be very nice for a weeks holiday (although very very expensive!!!) may be nice for you to do a 2 centre stay if thats at all possible for you?

MUST SEE - the boot shaped bit, see if it really is shaped like a boot..!

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@Mark thanks for that...I'll look further into Venice!

Sorrento is gorgeous.

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how expensive is sorrento? Is it a coastal area? I really don't know much about the place at all!

Siena... chianti country...a beautiful and rather a romantic place. And don't discount Pisa from the list - it's really a very nice place and of course there's a certain tower that's worth seeing

Lido de jeselo is a tourist area just north of Venice. Easy to get a bus and boat into venice.
I would agree that to stop in Venice or Venice Lido is very expensive, as have stopped at the Venice Lido.

A week in venice might be a bit much, Lake Garda is another very nice place.

It all depends if u want tourist area or historical/sightseeing.

Sorrento...Lovely..!! Can easily get to Pompeii, Capri etc. Rome is also just superb. Loved the history. You will not go wrong!

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I've just looked at Sorrento, it looks a beautiful place...Damned flights are a bit expensive though...Ah well, I'll continue to look! Thanks!!

If you like mountains and walking try this


All inclusive rate not cheap but the staff/food/guided walks are first class.
Finish off with a couple of nights in Venice and your sorted.

Try Lake Garde.......

The hotel Leonardo is excellent value in Pisa...

Well worth a visit and i'm gutted we didn't stay more than 2 nights...

On Ebay there are coach holidays/tours to Italy that sell very cheap...

Most people buy and don't go...

Research the net for anywhere you go and get information from bloggers who live where your going...

Find the cheapest hotel/flight you can on the internet...

Book hotel/flights with a company who give a 'Double difference' back...

Find a cheaper offer first to get the offer above...

I spend a lot of time in Italy. It is all good (apart from Naples at the moment where the streets have been full of rubbish since October!)

Some general tips;

Eat where the locals eat - a good rule of thumb is to go two streets away from the tourist attractions and look for insignificant little places where the locals eat. They will be wearing non tourist clothes. It is a good sign if the menu is only written in Italian or if there is no menu.

If you don't speak/understand Italian ask the waiter to recommend something. Unlike here they will not suggest the most expensive items but the best ones from the menu. The phrase is,

Cosa si consiglia? [Coaza see conseeleeah]

Or else just point to something that someone else is eating and ask for that.

Questo per favore

Just ask for the house red wine - it is always fine and often great. House white wine can be more variable - Italians often dilute it with water. Quarter to half a litre at lunch and half a litre at dinner is polite.

Un Quartino or Un Mezzo del rosso della casa [Oon kwarteeno or oon mezzo]

Wherever you are, go for a winetasting of the local wine and buy a bottle at whatever price fits your budget. It's a very pleasant way to spend an hour.

Be careful in all the cities about pickpockets especially near sights - typical scams are young kids dodging in front of you holding pieces of cardboard to hide the fact that they are trying to steal your wallet/purse/camera/watch etc. Or on the Metro where everyone is crushed together there are distractions, eg a young woman accuses someone of touching her, they get into a loud argument and everyone watches while their accomplices pick pockets or purses. Keep your stuff close to you in zipped bags held tightly under your arms.

Use public transport as far as possible (paying atention to advice above) rather than taxis. If you do need to get a taxi, ask first what the price will be.

At markets where you are buying leather goods etc, HAGGLE! Ask for a discount - a sconto.

Have fun!

Buon viaggio!

I'd second GargoyleUK, get a cheap flight to Pisa with Ryanair or whatever and plan some time there (although it's probably best to wait until a day or two before your flight home in my experience. When you arrive at Pisa airport, walk out of the arrivals building and you're at the platform where you can get the train direct to Florence which is just a fantastic city. It's a wee bit expensive, but well worth seeing, especially the views from Michaelangelo park. We spent 5 days in Florence, then 3 in Lucca which is another short train journey away and is a beautiful medieval walled city with tons to see and do. We also took a day trip from Lucca to Barga which is up in the Garfagnana mountains, you will not believe the stunning views you get and it's also so much cheaper than the major cities. Then, as our flight left early in the morning from Pisa we stayed the last couple of days in Pisa. The area where the tower is is pretty amazing and well worth a visit! There are also lots of other interesting wee things around there too.

The other place I loved were the Italian Lakes in the north, we flew to Bergamo with Ryanair and Bergamo itself is beautiful, it's a 15th Century walled city on a hill and the views of the surrounding countryside are lovely. Lots of nice places to eat and plenty to see there too. You're anything from an 1-2 hour train journey (you may have to change at Milan) from most of the lakes and I would definitely recommend Maggiore and Como for great scenery and lots to do, we even ended up taking a bus trip up to see the Matterhorn in Switzerland. Trains are very cheap and we paid for two open returns (valid for a month) under 30 Euros from Bergamo to Stresa on Lago Maggiore on the day we were travelling.

Don't go to Venice - the streets are flooded!:giggle:

Seriously, Id' give Naples a miss at the moment, seeing as the streets are piled high with rubbish because of the strikes.

I've been to Rome & Rimini (Northern Italy) & really loved them both. I have been to quite a few European countries & Rome is defo one of my favourites lots to see there to keep you busy. We stayed in Rimini seaside town which is absolutely wonderful, great beaches & loads going on in season. Can't wait to see some more of Italy ................. Have a brilliant time
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