I need a tripod for D5000 any advice ?



    depends on budget

    for 100 quid you can get a nice heavy used manfrotto and head at ebay, this is the best route for a good slr camera, heavy and big is your friend, used ones save you half the price, and will last forever anyway

    or amazon 100 quid…8-2

    for 25 quid one at argos…htm

    or even around 15 quid online for a cheapy…y=0


    is better as its 166cm tall, 2cm taller than argos and a fair bit over the cheapest hama at amazom

    height is usefull, as the less you extend the centre column, the less wobble you get
    centre column use magnifies any wobble, and all tripods move to some extent, just the heavier the better
    the 7days shop one also has a hook at the bottom to hang your kit bag, to increase weight and stability

    If that is your budget, that is the best deal
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