Trivia is back:: ID these pics

    Photos in comments section



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    Too fast for me... please wait !!

    A snow scene??


    give up

    What am i looking at?????

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    I tried this last week and I was advised how to put up pics but I'm struggling again....

    I have 3 fotos in my desktop... How do I just upload them... they aren't up on my website or blog so cant really point to a !!

    The suspense is killing me

    try imageshack

    Best game we've ever had!

    upload them of photobucket get the img code and post away.

    or photobucket

    Where's it been?


    A polar bear hiding in snow while holding up a sign with the words 'Too fast for me... please wait !!'?




    Too fast for me... please wait !!

    its now been 14 minutes, how long do we need to wait?


    THREAD FAIL of the day!

    can someone wake me up when its started, cheers

    Is this gonna take as long as it did for that chap to upload his songs from yesterday?

    Jupe look if you cant do it say, email me the pix and ill put em up.....

    Im fearing for your saftey

    Anytime today would be good.

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    ID the letter and the 2 personalities... Apologies for the goof-up !!!

    the letter is x

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    Can you guys see the pics now?

    Tx for the offer but I've gotta learn someday (i.e, if I survive today though (_;))

    Kurt Cobains suicide letter.

    Ziggy Marley?

    The letter looks like a suicide note

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    Kurt Cobains suicide letter.

    Doff my hat !!

    google goggles helps with these picture quizzes these days

    After all that!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Agree but not everything is google gogglable ...and supposedly, even pictures can be 'hidden' to escape the attention of tineye !!

    This thread is more for quizzing/trivia enthusiasts - there is no pressure here to get it right :-)


    Yannick Noah

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    Yannick Noah

    righto !!
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