trojan horse generic6.ums

    i logged on yesterday and AVG picked up: trojan horse generic6.ums

    anybody else had the same problem, know what it is or what it does?


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    is it safe to delete from my virus vault?

    it's the first time i've ever picked up anything like this.

    Have you recently installed anything?

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    no.....but my 7 year old lad has been on the computer quite a bit during the summer hols, i'm putting it down to that.
    on the plus side there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the computer but i'm obviously still a little worried.

    Is AVG all up to date?

    I'd delete it for now, Because if its something he has installed and it was needed then it can be reinstalled.

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    AVG is up to date and my lad doesn't have admin rights so can't install.

    i think i'll take the "if it aint broke don't fix it aproach" and keep my fingers crossed.
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