Posted 25th Jun 2022
Got this email the other day:

We need your help. There's only 14 days left. ☹️
Why is Trolley closing?
Recently, we discovered information that we present for free on is the legal property of a data company.

After working with them, we were generously offered a heavily discounted licensing fee of £28,800 that we'd need to pay to continue helping people save on their groceries.

We're 4 volunteers who've spent hundreds of hours creating Trolley, paying for the server and hosting costs on our own - we don't make a penny from running it. doesn't make any money either and we now know that we would have to pay or close.

By donating just £5, you'll help save Trolley and be part of helping millions of people make ends meet for an entire year.

We really need all the help we can get. Would you be willing to help save Trolley?


If you're unable to donate

More than anyone, we know how difficult times have become and if you're unable to donate, we completely understand.

Please don't worry, you can still help! By sharing with friends, family, with social media, and with popular forums like HotUKDeals and Reddit, you'll be spreading the message far and wide and helping even more donations come in.

Is this legit? I'd pay to keep the service running for sure. It definitely is worthwhile.
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    28k is alot of money to raise in a short space of time. And when the license fee needs renewing? What happens to peoples donations if it doesn't reach its target?
    I will be gutted if it goes as there's no other app like it. Mysupermarket hit me when it went as it was a great app
    They have updated the page with more info now.

    It covers off questions like what if they don't reach the target. They can pay the money in 3 instalments so they'd effectively get a reprieve.

    I do think they're being disingenuous though. There is no chance in hell someone owns pricing data. It is unique to each store. If anyone owns it, it would be the store. I am certain you would be laughed out of court if you tried to take someone to court for displaying price information without a licence.

    So in my view the information they can't show would be things like product description as this is data that is given to stores. And I am quite sure that an intermediary exists to make this easier rather than 1,000s of manufactures contacting 10 supermarket chains with updated ingredients, descriptions etc then they contact 1 intermediary who the supermarkets all take data from.

    It will be either GS1 or NielsenIQ Brandbank.

    As for nothing else like it, they exist. is probably the next best.
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    Looks like there's been an update...

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    I received their email too. I'll donate.
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    Email arrived this morning… Great to see they are officially saved and are refunding folks’ donations  

    “You saved!  Hi, 

    A little while ago, we were on the verge of closing due to licensing disputes. 

    Thousands of you spread the word, donated, and raised an incredible £11,966 in just over a week. Seeing how much you cared, an organisation that's loved by families across the UK decided to sponsor

    Today, having secured funding for the next year, we're refunding every penny that was so kindly donated.
    What happens now?We're finalising the last few things and we're hoping to announce the news very soon. For our incredible donors, your refund should hopefully be with you within the next 7-10 days. 

    Thank you for all of your support! 💜

    With all of our love,
    Team @” 
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    I was just drafting my weekly shopping and went over only to see the massive notice.

    After reading it all. It's too short a notice and that is a massive target figure to reach, then again anything is possible nowadays. Also the 28k is for a year, as a result the site model is going to change with possible adverts, referral links, etc. which has the potential to cripple the customer base that is trying to save the site.

    More importantly, how were the Trolley team collating? Were they using a third party in between or using an algorithm code crawling through the supermarkets site's for the price points?

    I'm aware there are industry sites that offer such services, could it be the Trolley team managed to do the same with ease and better still without any payment gateway?

    I am now wondering how Mysupermarket operated, then later shutdown and also how the current legal ownership came about. (edited)
    Trolley were pulling data directly from supermarket sites, but according to them all this data from multiple sources is mostly owned by 1 company. So they had been pulling all this data not knowing that they were using data they didn't have permission to.
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    I love the site and it is very handy. But if they can't monetise it, and seemingly are using a data service while not paying for it, then they don't have a future regardless of whether they raise the money or not.
    What happens next year when the next licence fee is due, and likely will be several times the current amount.
    They claim to have plans for monetisation in the next year, though I would be surprised to see it happen.
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    I just donated to them, if you can afford it you all should do too

    Replying to

    They can pay it in 3 - 4 installments.
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    Don't see what the difference of that site is to HUKD. Good luck but I'm sure this post will be deleted soon.
    Just like its predecessor MySupermarket, it provides live pricing comparison across the major supermarkets - something HUKD cannot do.

    For example, a simple search for 'Sheba cat food' provides a live price comparison of where the product is cheapest. This website cannot do this.
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    I'll miss it if it goes. It has been the go-to site for me since MySupermarket went under.
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    Dont understand why they dont just chargee membership at £5 per year. Would easily cover the bill imo
    That's fine, but they'll have to start charging £10 a year or £20 a year (or whatever), as the licensing goes up each year.
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    This service is really pivotal in this time of need with insane cost of living. Crossing my fingers that we have good news.
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    Seems like the kind of service that would be in the interests of the DWP to bankroll. £29k per year would be a meaningless amount within their budget, but would save consumers, including the poorest, far more than that amount in aggregate.

    That would depend on the company remaining a non-profit, run on the basis of voluntary labour.
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    I would definitely pay a subscription to this service to have up to date pricing on everything that I need. This is the power of the internet that the consumer should be allowed to easily take advantage of.
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    Trolley is most likely to be sponsored
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    My supermarket just ran out of money.... Sadly there's no real monetisation for a grocery price comparison site that is sustainable it seems.
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    Find it a bit strange that there’s no evidence of them needing to pay this amount, and as mentioned above, the lack of real plans for future monetisation that is supposedly promised
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    "legal property" how can the price of a 4 pack of Beanz be legal property? We own the data? We own the price of these beanz. The Law is an ass.
    Because they are web scraping others work.
    What does the data company do?
    The data company digitises and maintains the product information for 98% of grocery products in the UK. They’ve generously worked with us to bring this cost as low as possible. (edited)
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    Wow fantastic news. I would've been happy for them to keep my donation. Their app is really good and important in this challenging day and age. Thanks for the update @RedNWhite
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