tropical fish tank help

    i was in bromley today and my little boy fell in love with these little albino minature frogs

    we was told the tank - filter - gravel etc would cost £70

    any ideas where online i could but the same kit maybe a bit cheaper or maybe where i can get a complete kit or a more decent kit online ??


    'these little albino minature frogs'

    Does not instill confidence in me that you know what you're dealing with.
    DO your research and buy the best you can for the welfare of the animals. My uncle has two albino clawed frogs and they started small (about 3cm) and are now the size of toads within a year.

    Never get a pet without doing your research as the novelty will wear off and you'll be stuck with it in its adult form.

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    ok 1) i asked about the frogs and the size they go and what they need to eat etc i am not some stupid kid you no i have a dog and take very good care of her if i wasnt doing my research 1st would i of bothered posting my questions 1st i would of took them there and then the reason i said 'these little albino minature frogs' as thats what they are called and thats what's was on the ticket, god whats wrong with people 2nite


    have you tried local paper for second hand goods or a car boot sale. i assume the £70 is the full set up.
    heard of ''freecycle'' in your area, you may get it free there?

    sorry if its off topic

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    Cheers for advice yea i have seen freecycle just never used it yet, to be completely honest i woudl feel weird just taking something off someone for free i am weird like that, yea they said the £70 was for a full setup but i wouldnt mind paying more for a more decent tank and setup etc rather they had enough space etc rather then not having enough room

    I would try ebay for the tank I have a dwarf frog in my fish tank. But you do need to make sure it's a dwarf frog. Sometimes they are sold as dwarf and are albino clawed frogs.…tml
    Thinking of tanks you could go for a aquastart start 320 it's a nice little tank I have one with a pufferfish in. You would need to get a heater for the tank not sure if they come with one.

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    thanks joanne rep added, yea did double check with them how big they grow etc as they let me look @ some that where fully grown + they did have a few other frogs that where miles bigger.

    This is the tank I have.…393
    You could get an apple snail to go in the tank with the frogs. Pretty sure you need to cycle your tank when it's setup. So I would look up nitrogen cycle on google.

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    joanne would a stor elike pets at home be a better place to buy my setup and ask questions rather then a a small indepentdent pet shop (like the one i found the frogs in) as with a dog i new what i was doing with fish/frogs i really no very little other then the bog standard gold fish

    I dont use pets at home for fish I like maidenhead aquatics you might find one near you.
    You could look for your tank at pets at home looking online they have 20% off at the moment. The best advice comes from others that keep fish/frogs I use this site
    They have a great forum. I tend not to listen to fish shops they can give out bad advice. When I got my first tank I nearly lost all my fish because I was not told to cycle my tank. But a 48 ltr tank will be a nice tank for a few frog and maybe a apple snail or shrimps. But have a look around and see what your son would like. I would add a few small fish to the tank to give it more interest. And a snail is good for eating algae I buy these off the internet.

    DONT USE PETS AT HOME THEY ARE USELESS!!!!!!!! Offered to sell us a snake head for our "small community tank" luckily we knew what we were on about cos the woman didnt have a clue!

    I have seen these quite big so id imagine you need about at minimum 24" tank the bigger the better tho, and £70 would be a very tight budget for a tank like this. Like others have said try freecyle I have given lots of me OH's fishy bits away much to his dispair!! Also try getting a second hand tank you may decide they are not for you which would be bad if you had spent £100's on a set up!!

    Do cycle your tank again as others have said, to make it a little faster you could ask the shop you are going to buy the bits off to give you a pice of filter material which will already be colonised!!

    But be careful some frogs do take a liking to fish!! its always a diffiult one to explain to the kids!
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