Trouble Selling Moncler jacket?\

Found 30th Apr 2012
I have a genuine Moncler jacket to sell which is new. I try to sell it on ebay but it gets pulled every time and I cannot use the certilogo verification as my parents who gave it to me haven't got the receipt. Does anyone know where I could sell it?

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tried there and it got pulled as well
local paper free ads
I just Googled Moncler Jackets - Jesus! a grand for a jacket and your parents did not keep the receipt. Sorry cannot help you with where to sell it.
why are you selling it? can you not get the company your parents bought it from to suply you with a new receipt or confirm purchase?
If I blew a grand on a coat for my boy and he sold it it string the beggar up by his dangly bits.
Just £1150 for this little beauty...

Chav brand.
Is this what Jedward wear?.
got that is one minging jacket, but each to their own, would try and take it to where purchased and see if they will give you a new receipt, i dont think anyone is going to buy a £1000 jacket with no authenticity
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