Trouble submitting deals on Safari (Mac)

Found 19th Nov 2017Edited by:"peter1969uk"
I'm having trouble trying to submit deals. I can populate most of the form, but when it gets to groups it has no options. I can search for groups but the don't select when clicked on.

Is anyone else having this issue?2831223.jpg

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Yep, same on my Mac.

I post deals via the mobile app, much easier.
I have been having this issue too both on my mac at home and my windows pc at work , I have to come out and start again that seems to work for me also pick the group first before to add the deal I have had to do that as well, been like it for about a week now
Thanks, I'm glad its not just me after the last Mac OS update. I did manage to get its to post, after a few tries.
Dev team will take a look - thanks

Edit: @peter1969uk ok devs have replicated the issue so will get this fixed. Thanks for reporting
Edited by: "juliet_bravo" 20th Nov 2017
This issue should be fixed. Let me know in case you still experience this problem!
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