Trouble TV channel - help finding TV show

Found 30th Jul
Right so if anyone used to watch trouble TV before it closed there was a few decent shows on..

But this one I can't find, and I need to know if it was real or if I dreamt it and completely made it up.

It was a cartoon, I think space themed although not too sure and a swear it said created by Matt Groening but there's nothing about it anywhere on the internet.

Did it flop so bad he made sure everything was removed from the internet or did I really just make it up.

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Yep, definitely sounds like futurama
Spango6 m ago


No not Futurama haha, I know that show it was on the channel Trouble. Maybe I'm dreaming it but I'm 80% sure.
Have a look at this if you remember what day and time it was on.…tml
bobdylan15 m ago

Listed here?

Its weird cause I checked that and can't find it listen but I swear there was a show.. thought if someone else remembered I'm not crazy, must have dreamt it haha
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