trouble with metal gear 4 online sign up

    Ho to play metal gear 4 online i need to sign up and make up 2 diff usernames and passwords,im trying to do this online "Please enter both your GAME ID and GAME ID password"

    i made up a2 diff names but it wont let me go to the next page,it says this -

    Information Entry > Confirm > Complete Registration


    Please enter both your GAME ID and GAME ID password.
    Please enter a GAME ID password 4-16 numbers in length.Only number (0-9) can be used as GAME ID password characters.Please don't use alphabet characters and symbols.
    GAME ID password (Reenter to confirm) not entered

    not sure what im doing as i tried so many diff usernames....


    Original Poster

    finaly go through to the next page lol

    pass is only numbers my MGO: jackb

    got the game today but dont have time to play until tomorrow.:shock:

    /me doesn't like MGS4 online...
    The actual game is immense.
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