Troubleshooting a Miele dishwasher - no signs of life

Posted 27th Aug 2017
Hi all,

Hoping someone with experience of troubleshooting dishwashers, or an owner of an older Miele dishwasher may be able to help here - or point me to a useful online resource or forum more focused on this type of thing.

My particular machine in question is a G 646 SC Plus Dishwasher, it's from 2002 but the reputation for the German quality had been living up to its reputation until last week....and I'm hoping there may still be some life in the machine.

I'd noticed the machine had not been draining so well recently, but before I'd fully investigated and cleaned the impeller etc I came home to an electrical burning smell. Machine had tripped the power and blown the fuse in the extension bar it had been connected to. Fuse in the plug of the machine is fine. Connecting directly to power now and pressing the physical push switch to turn it on seems to do nothing - no power light, won't start when pushing the start button. The door switch is fine and definitely closed.

I don't believe there's a separate thermal fuse in this machine, but happy to stand corrected if anyone can tell me differently.

I've had the bottom off the machine, no signs of burnt wires etc. I have noticed the power noise filter and wondered if this could be at fault -…036 I've seen contradicting reports online, so saying replacing this in a "machine has no power" situation fixed it, others saying it won't stop the machine from starting up as is just there to stop interference with other appliances. I've tested for continuity across this and get nothing, I'd love to know if that's the sign of it being at fault or not. Has anyone ever tested one or can tell me what to expect here?

I'd also been given the suggestion of connecting power to the machine, turning it on (no signs of life of course) and with the bottom off pushing the float switch (as shown here) to see if that kicked the machine into life thinking it was flooded in the base, to start the pump. Tried this, nothing happened. If it had shown signs of life I guess it would have indicated that probably the machine's main control board was at fault.

Thanks if you've read this far. Hopefully it's made sense to someone - but ask me to clarify anything that's not clear. If I'm missing an obvious test on a apparently dead machine, let me know and if anyone can tell me more about the noise filter and whether it would stop operation to the machine that would be really useful.

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