Trouser hooks :P

    Hi guys,

    Very random question, and I'm not after a deal, just want to know where to get one from!…jpg

    Basically, the bar thing on the top right - it fell off my (favourite!) trousers and whilst I held onto it until I get home, I managed to drop it on my drive at home onto the stones to be lost forever :P

    I wouldn't mind under normal circumstances, the trousers cost £40 but that's not really the problem - I'm really fussy and they were my favourite trousers, it'd take ages to find another similar pair I liked!

    So :P Are there any high street stores I could get these from? There's no tailor shops anywhere near me that I know of, but there is a Woolworths, BHS etc - is it even worth looking there!?

    Thanks :$


    Available from here ]http//ww…asp

    Just over a fiver delivered,if that helps.


    They're really easy to fit back on too

    Woolworths used to sell them but it was many moons ago I last purchased them. You could try though.

    Don't you have a sewing shop or similar in town ? They should be able to help or point you in the right direction.

    Failing that I suppose you could always get them mended through the local dry cleaners ? (Do they still do that, I'm out of touch !)

    Original Poster

    Ah that's great, thank you! I'll have a quick look around different places (or ask my mum, she knows more about these things than I do :P) but failing that I'll grab the kit from Kliens.

    Many thanks! Rep added

    /loves this forum sometimes

    The utter randomness has made me all warm inside. I love you guys!
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